Thursday 3 September 2009

Parliamentary Parades

The parliamentary term is a long and winding road, an epic adventure that leaves our steely MSP warriors bruised and broken when recess finally comes around. They look out on that new daunting journey this week as the legislative programme is unfolded, as the first joust of FMQs gets going and as Crap Holyrood Chat enjoys its latest relaunch (it's like Kylie Minogue's career here, mercifully without the gold hotpants).

Anyway, with this odyssey in mind, what better motion to kick off some Holyrood Chat with than this one on marches and parades....

S3W-26912 - Bill Butler (Glasgow Anniesland) (Lab) (Date Lodged Thursday, September 03, 2009): To ask the Scottish Executive how many marches and parades were held in 2008, broken down by local authority area.

I am sure Bill has his reasons but really, why would anyone need this information?

Anyway, hopefully CHC will enjoy this parliamentary parade with Mr Butler and his 128 colleagues right up to recess 2010.

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Yousuf Hamid said...

I hope that this story makes the reason for the motion clearly, it was some research which has enabled Bill to stand up for Glasgow.

Not 'crap chat' at all and indeed exactly what a constituency MSP should be doing.

Anonymous said...

I can see every reason for doing this considering the work that Bill does on sectarianism. Crap chat from crap holyrood chat.

Anonymous said...

God this site is rubbish