Friday, 10 October 2008


The SNP could accept that some motions are going to have sly dig at them, and Labour accepted that not all motions need to have a sly dig as a pre-requisite, we would have a lot less of the damn things!

*S3M-2699 Claire Baker: Congratulations on Scottish University World Rankings—That the Parliament notes the publication of the 2008 Times Higher Education QS World University Rankings; congratulates the University of Edinburgh, University of Glasgow and University of St Andrews for being ranked in the top 100; further congratulates the University of Aberdeen for being ranked in the top 200 universities in the world; recognises that Scottish universities make up four of the 29 UK universities in the top 200; notes the improved ranking of the University of Glasgow and the drop in ranking for the University of St Andrews and University of Aberdeen; notes the drop in ranking of the University of Dundee out of the top 200 world universities; further notes the delay in publishing the final report of the Joint Future Thinking Taskforce on Universities; highlights the serious financial concerns expressed by many leaders across the university sector in Scotland over the last few weeks, and calls on the Scottish Government to come forward with concrete and substantive proposals to ensure Scotland’s universities maintain and build on their current international position over the coming years.

We at Crap Holyrood Chat have been reliably informed that the office of Joe Fitzpatrick have urged colleagues not to sign this motion, and that his own stunning riposte, and alternative motion congratulating these institutions will be "circulated shortly".

Baited Breath Anyone?

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Kentigern said...

This is why we have a Scottish Parliament... ;)