Thursday, 22 January 2009

Obama's Coat Tails

Of course there is nothing wrong with congratulating President Obama on a successful inauguration but there is something unmistakably cringey about this one:

S3M-03260 Alasdair Allan (Western Isles) (Scottish National Party)
Lewis Congratulates Island Connection for New President— That the Parliament welcomes the inauguration of Barack Obama as 44th President of the United States of America; notes the welcome tradition of new American Presidents identifying their ancestors around the world, and further notes the particular pride in Ness on the Isle of Lewis that President Obama has ancestors from the township of South Dell.

Scotland has never felt so small.

Saturday, 17 January 2009

George Foulkes - As unionist as they come

I understand that George Foulkes is mad keen on keeping Scotland inside the UK but not only do I find it strange that this zeal is taken to such lengths that he is troubled by the Tories choice of name, but I am annoyed that he uses our money to register his disapproval via a crap motion.

S3M-3195George Foulkes:Scottish Conservative and Unionist—That the Parliament notes with incredulity that the Scottish Conservatives have dropped the term unionist from their title just as the UK party has resumed its use following its electoral agreement with the Ulster Unionists and urges Annabel Goldie to end the confusion by reaffirming that the unionist credentials of the Scottish Tories remain intact.

Thanks George, the good people of the Lothians will be delighted with a hard days work there. 

Then again, given how often you put questions and motions up, I guess the above amounts to about 20minutes work on any given day!

Monday, 5 January 2009

A motion we won't see Kenneth Gibson lodge...

Short Title - 'Making the Parliament More Serious'

That the Parliament continues to be astounded by certain SNP members capacity to lodge turgid, utterly pointless motions such as 'Making the Parliament More Scottish'; notes that the processing of parliamentary motions costs money and should be used to raise issues of relevance and genuine importance to constituents; challenges Mr Gibson to find one member of the public who takes this sort of pish (fine Scottish word that so don’t accuse me of not wanting to make the Parley more Scottish!) seriously; recalls that, earlier this year, Mr Gibson's laid a motion praising his young daughter for winning a colouring in competition and pleads with the Kenny (sorry Kenneth) Gibson's of this world to stop wasting everyone's time with daft pedantic motions such as the one about wanting to make the Parliament more Scottish.