Saturday, 17 January 2009

George Foulkes - As unionist as they come

I understand that George Foulkes is mad keen on keeping Scotland inside the UK but not only do I find it strange that this zeal is taken to such lengths that he is troubled by the Tories choice of name, but I am annoyed that he uses our money to register his disapproval via a crap motion.

S3M-3195George Foulkes:Scottish Conservative and Unionist—That the Parliament notes with incredulity that the Scottish Conservatives have dropped the term unionist from their title just as the UK party has resumed its use following its electoral agreement with the Ulster Unionists and urges Annabel Goldie to end the confusion by reaffirming that the unionist credentials of the Scottish Tories remain intact.

Thanks George, the good people of the Lothians will be delighted with a hard days work there. 

Then again, given how often you put questions and motions up, I guess the above amounts to about 20minutes work on any given day!


Anonymous said...

Yes, total lot of old drivel from Lord Foulkes, but what about that total crap motion from Joe Fitzpatrick wishing the Sunday Post a happy birthday. Crap motion wishing a happy birthday to a crap newspaper.

Jim Barrie said...

... and from a crap MSP too

Jeff said...

I honestly never saw it.

I'm non-partisan in my part of the mission to rid Holyrood of crap chat forever.

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