Friday, 6 March 2009

A decent motion? Shock Horror

About time there was a motion to have a dig at George Foulkes, shame it doesnt mention the Jowly Jambo by name..

Short Title: Cost of Parliamentary Questions
S3M-03628 Ian McKee (Lothians) (SNP): That the Parliament, mindful of the answer to question S3W-17445 by the Minister for Parliamentary Business on 10 November 2008 that the cost of answering a parliamentary question is £98.51, notes that at least one member has asked over 1,000 questions in this parliamentary session, costing a total of over £100,000, and that if all members followed this example that the cost to the taxpayer would be nearly £13 million, or £26 million in a full session, and therefore requests all members to consider whether their question is really necessary before incurring yet more public expense


Holyrood Patter said...

Jeff, as the editor, you are te only one who can edit this post, could you be so kind as to add an R in the title?

Jeff said...

No wories.

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