Saturday, 4 April 2009

Finally, some crap chat to report

I honestly had no plans to make this an anti-Foulkes website but if he keeps lobbing up daft Motions and PQs then we at Crap Holyrood Chat will keep batting them back into the public eye.

George's latest is yet another example of a motion that I wager not one single person in the country would deem to be a worthwhile use of Parliament's resources:

S3M-03860 George Foulkes (Lothians) (Scottish Labour): Culture of SNP CronyismThat the Parliament notes the reimbursement paid to Brighton-based singer Sandi Thom for services to the Scottish Government; recalls the “dosh for dinners” incident where, in the early days of the SNP government, donors were wined and dined at the First Minister’s official residence; notes the appointment of an SNP councillor as head of the Scottish Qualifications Authority, an SNP supporter as head of the Scottish Futures Trust and an SNP donor as head of the Scottish Council of Economic Advisers; remembers the SNP policy to deregulate bus services and considers that the SNP abandoned that policy after the owner of a major bus operator gave substantial funds to the SNP’s 2007 election campaign, and finally recognises the First Minister’s admiration for Scots-born, Barbados-based, SNP donor Sean Connery whose return to Scotland would be the ultimate homecoming.

Fair play to our MSPs though, the quality of the motions and PQs has been fairly high recently.

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