Thursday, 4 September 2008

A Classic SNP/Tory Spat............

Is there nothing of greater importance to bicker over?

Short Title: GB’s Own Goal
S3M-02429 Stuart McMillan (West of Scotland) (SNP): That the Parliament notes the Prime Minister’s comments about a British football team competing in the 2012 Olympics and recognises that Gordon Brown continues to prove his incompetence by ignoring the will of Scottish football supporters as well as of the Scottish Football Association, which states that it is opposed to such a team; further acknowledges the failure of Gordon Brown to listen to the individual Welsh, Northern Irish and English football associations, which are all opposed to a British football team, and calls on Gordon Brown to finally take notice of people in Scotland and stop calling for a British football team for future Olympic games, which would threaten the individual identity of each national team.

S3M-02495 Jamie McGrigor (Highlands and Islands) (Con): That the Parliament
notes the recent discussion over plans for a Great Britain football team; believes that it would be regrettable if Britain did not enter a team in the 2012 Olympics; suggests that such a team could be formed from the winners of a play-off between the under-23 teams from Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales and England, and further notes previous statements from FIFA that it has no problem with a GB football team and that this would not impact on countries keeping their individual teams at FIFA games.


Bill said...

I have absolutely no interest in football whatsoever, so whether England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland enter teams individually or choose to send a joint team to the next Olympic Games, or any subsequent Olympic Games, is of vanishingly small interest to me. However, and there has to be a however (I'm afraid), I think these two ScotParl questions, particularly the latter, but the former also to some extent, are certainly of no less decent quality than almost anything else that gets discussed at Holyrood. I agree that these two questions are probably a waste of space, but no more so than the Scottish Parliament itself; after all when I criticised recently the fact that the present minority Scottish Executive (aka 'Government') has announced that it will in future issue policy statements on all matters that are asked of it, whether they are within its remit under the Scotland Act or not, I was dismissed as 'one of those kinds of Unionists'. I would respectfully submit that such proposed use of time is at least as wasteful as these two particular parliamentary questions and many more besides, which have found their way into your illustrious little blog ;)

Holyrood Patter said...

great minds think alike
well give or take 15 minutes

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