Wednesday, 3 September 2008

It's back!

MSPs return from their summer holidays today so this can only mean one thing - Crap Holyrood Chat is back!

Scotland's cyberspace home of the great and good - sorry, scrap that - the terrible and inane chat that often emanate from our elected representatives kicks off again today too.

The site was set up during the summer so thus far we have only had retrospective inclusions. But now we can get a daily update of the nonsense that we are often subjected to in the name of democracy.

As the site's mission statement says the following is up for inclusion on CHC: "unnecessary partisan rants, intellectually-lacking speeches and/or ignorant waffling from our MSPs". So if you spot anything that fits the bill let us know.

Of course it's always open to MSPs to ensure there's nothing worthy (or rather unworthy) to put on the site. So the challenge has been set - let's see what happens next.

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