Tuesday, 16 September 2008


Each year, MacMillan Cancer Support organises the World's Biggest Coffee Morning. I know one MSP who runs one every year without fail. I was interested to see this motion from Sandra White, which as you read it, seems eminently supportable. Get to the end though and we have "yet again, Glasgow Region SNP MSP's, in conjunction with Stelmain, will hold their own event." Why mention any political party in a motion on such an important issue that affects so many people?

S3M-02547 Sandra White (Glasgow) (Scottish National Party): Wake Up and Smell the Coffee— That the Parliament notes that the World’s Biggest Coffee Morning will be held this year on Friday 26 September; recognises that this event is promoted by MacMillan Cancer Support, which encourages all individuals and organisations to hold their own coffee mornings; notes that last year saw over 50,000 such events raise an incredible £7.5 million; encourages everybody to get involved in this worthwhile cause in the hope that this year’s £8.5 million target is met, and advertises the fact that, yet again, Glasgow Region SNP MSPs, in conjunction with Stelmain, will hold their own event on 22 September at 10.30 am in the Baltic Chambers in Glasgow.


Indy said...

She is telling you who is holding it, where it is being held and when.

Call me a crazy conspiracy theorist but that could almost be construed as an invitation to go.

Anonymous said...

Re: "yet again"

Self-congratulatory posing at its finest. That alone warrants inclusion on CHC.

Jeff said...

I agree.

A very worthy CHC post there I would say, (regrettably of course).