Sunday, 21 December 2008

CHC Budget - 100K

Interesting Press Release, admittedly from the SNP, that shows that through his obscene and wasteful PQs(as we have so lovingly presented to the viewing public), have cost the taxpayer a whopping £100,000. From this PQ and answer:

S3W-17445 - Ian McKee (Lothians) (SNP) (Date Lodged Monday, November 03,
2008): To ask the Scottish Executive, further to the answer to question
S3W-6776 by Bruce Crawford on 18 December 2007, whether an updated
estimate of the financial cost of answering a written parliamentary
question is available.

Answered by Bruce Crawford (Monday, November 10, 2008): Following a review
by the Scottish Government Finance Administration, the average cost of
answering a written parliamentary question is calculated to be £98.51.

I assume, as is not explicitly mentioned in the release, that Foulkes has asked around 1000 PQs for this to add up.

A new Favourite of mine to remind you why he is worth the money, and why this blog exists:

S3W-17351 - George Foulkes (Lothians) (Lab) (Date Lodged Thursday, October
30, 2008): To ask the Scottish Executive how many Saltire-branded space
hoppers it has ordered for the purposes of celebrating St Andrew’s Day
2008; where they were manufactured; what the item price is, and what the
overall cost was of production.

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