Friday, 5 December 2008

Worst press release ever?

LABOUR in the Scottish Parliament
News Release
Immediate Release
Friday December 5, 2008
Scottish Labour is calling on the SNP to accept that Scotland is a nation. Alex Neil said in a press release that he will be presenting his case against the HBOS merger to a 'national audience' on Channel 4. Does he think that when he appears on Scottish programmes he is only addressing a region?

Scottish Labour Finance Spokesman David Whitton said:

"Alex Neil seems to think that Scotland is only a region.

"He says his appearance on Channel 4 is before a 'national audience'. Well, I believe I am speaking to a 'national audience' when I appear on programmes in Scotland.

"Alex Neil should accept that Scotland is a nation and apologise for his patronising slur."


1 comment:

Grogipher said...

Yeah, telling SCOTTISH NATIONalists, that Scotland's a nation; right on!

Meanwhile; what do they suggest instead? International? Multinational? Surely that wouldn't meet with the approval of Number 10 and their britishnessism?