Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Highway to a Hellish Motion

It would be getting partisan to suggest that AC/DC are rubbish, which they are, but if we are to let the motions database go unchecked then nonsensical, and trivial guff can be allowed to be published. Is Christine the new George Foulkes?

*S3M-3151Christine Grahame:AC/DC - We Salute You—That the Parliament recognises the significant musical contribution of rock band AC/DC, whose founding members, Angus and Malcolm Young, moved from Scotland to Australia and joined with Bon Scott, another Scottish √©migr√©, to create what has become a musical legend with the band selling an estimated 150 million albums worldwide and establishing themselves as one of the best-selling rock bands of all time; notes that the popularity of AC/DC continues to grow and welcomes their forthcoming performance at Scotland’s national football stadium on 30 June 2009, and finally acknowledges the musical inspiration that the band has provided to thousands of Scottish musicians who have themselves gone on to great international success.


Anonymous said...

This has been in the press for ages. Could it be that CHC is slacking?

The Author said...

The Reason perhaps we are behind, in my case, is that as a researcher i tend to get all the motions sent out to me, and update the blog accordingly. Christine mysteriously decided not to send this to MSP researchers

Richard Thomson said...