Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Crap Holyrood Chat - Mission Statement

Hello there.

For too long Holyrood has been derided as a Mickey Mouse Parliament, a talking shop where little gets done and the calibre of politician is woeful.

The time is therefore right to publicly humiliate any MSP who brings "crap chat" to the chamber. We need these people to feel the fire of the electorate beneath their feet and if they can't bring the quality and the professionalism to the job, then they shall be turfed out at the next election in favour of an eloquent, capable woman or man who can do the job instead.

Although this blog is chiefly to register any unnecessary partisan rants, intellectually-lacking speeches and/or ignorant waffling from our MSPs, there is always space for those rare moments when an MSP comes out with a golden phrase or a witty line or three.

And to ensure this blog is as thorough and complete as it could possibly be, I am more than happy to send out author invites to those who may be interested in posting, particularly those who are much closer to the day-to-day Holyrood action than I am.

So thank you for your interest and let us all look together to a brighter future, free of crap Holyrood chat.


Jim said...

I fancied doing something like this myself. Well done!

Scott @ loveandgarbage said...

Will you include petitions (or ridiculous comments from witnesses) or are you limiting matters to MSPs?

And will you have a golden oldies section?

I ask because I once conducted a Frank Harvey watch re: the Parliament's most regular petitioner; and re: golden oldies when researching legislation often come up with nonsense that seems to have escaped attention elsewhere.

Best wishes


James said...

If you would like to entrust a degree of authorness to me, my email is james at twodoctors dot org

I promise not to all Liberal..

Anonymous said...

I thought this quote from Fergus Ewing during a debate on Scottish Natural Heritage a while back might amuse you:

"Many people believe that SNH — or at least its top management — stands not for Scottish Natural Heritage but for See No People."

Or maybe not, Fergus.

Anonymous said...

Can I recommend the question laughably marked under the heading Culture asked in the first session and worth revival:


An oldie but a goodie.