Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Bill Wilson - Ilumination

Crap Holyrood Chat quite likes Bill Wilson, and what we think the principle behind this motion is. There seems to be a desire to cram a lot of angst into quite a short space, and the result is a motion which I cant work out is about

S3M-02855 Bill Wilson (West of Scotland) (SNP): That the Parliament
notes that children born before 1983 outwith the United Kingdom to British mothers, unlike those born outwith the United Kingdom to British fathers, cannot automatically obtain British citizenship through their parents’ nationality and believes that such discrimination by the UK Government is not only unwarranted but unjust.


Anonymous said...

Eh? What's wrong with the wording?
It seems clear enough to me. British father and non-British mother means you are in;
British mother and non-British father means you are out. It is discriminatory and there is no good reason for it.

Grogipher said...

As above - what is there not to understand?

Completely and utterly gender biased.

Anonymous said...

It could be doing with being a little longer. As Above, CHC agrees with the motion

Grogipher said...

Why take up space with filler? It says what it needs to. I think a few more motions (here's looking at you Kenny!) could learn from this style.

Especially in this parliament, folk should just make the motions state things as straightforward like that, to really attempt to win over cross party support, and get somewhere - rather than miss opportunities by wasting time on petty party squabbles.

Anonymous said...

this is a democracy
if both annonymous and gregor agree I will take this down?
motion moved?