Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Kenny G(romit)

I love motions like this. Due to the mandatory decorum and language necessary, we can now be officialy excited by a place with over 7 Employees!! Anyway, this is a very cheesy, and pointless motion, and you are about to find out why.

S3M-02818 Kenneth Gibson (Cunninghame North) (Scottish National Party): Congratulations to Torrylinn Creamery— That the Parliament congratulates Torrylinn Creamery on the island of Arran for winning a silver award for its Isle of Arran Dunlop cheese at the World Cheese Awards in Dublin on 29 September 2008; notes that this international recognition follows a gold award at the Royal Welsh Show in July 2008 and is its 11th award won this year; recognises the particular contribution of cheese maker Paul Murray, who has been with the company for eight years; acknowledges that the Isle of Arran Dunlop is made entirely from milk supplied by three island farms; is aware that Torrylinn Creamery is run by First Milk, which is the largest dairy farmer co-operative in the United Kingdom and employs seven people; recognises that winning awards is important to both existing and potential customers and the continued prosperity of the company, and wishes Torrylinn Creamery even further success in the years to come.

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