Monday, 24 November 2008

The short arm of the Law (centre)

Interesting motion.

Short Title: Govanhill Law Centre
S3M-02941 Mr Frank McAveety (Glasgow Shettleston) (Lab): That the Parliament
welcomes the opening of the Govanhill Law Centre, a new law centre offering free legal advice to residents of Govanhill, which will work with the local community to root out slum landlords, gangmasters and organised criminals; congratulates principal solicitor Mike Dailly for his commitment to the centre; thanks Glasgow City Council leader Steven Purcell and Govanhill Housing Association chairperson Janice McEwan for their work on behalf of the centre; further thanks Louise Carlin of Oxfam Scotland̢۪s Poverty Programme for the charity organisation̢۪s ongoing support, and hopes that the Govanhill Law Centre will help empower the community to solve the problems that it faces and provide further confidence to residents in their campaign for a better Govanhill.

Mike Dailly.
Hmm. Is this the same guy who was quite close to backing a legal challenge against the election of Kenny Gibson (what a tragedy, we would have no business!) and then said the whole Holyrood Election should be re-run?
The guy who has regularly slagged off the SNP and is a Labour party member as far as I am aware, if not a former Candidate in some way.
Old Frank should be careful, this backinf of Housing Associations can backfire...

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Indy said...

No Mike Dailly is the guy who is secretary of Glasgow Central Labour Party and rumourd to be trying to get selected to take on Nicola Sturgeon at the next Scottish election.

You did not pick up on what is interesting about the motion - that it thanks anybody and everybody who has anything to do with the new law centre, except the Scottish Government which has funded the entire thing.