Tuesday, 18 November 2008

A Bit Late.......

This press release was issued Labour MEP David Martin, and featured contributions from MSP's Richard Baker and Marlyn Glen:

Local politicians welcome new European status of Arbroath smokie

Local Labour politicians Marlyn Glen MSP and Richard Baker MSP met with Scotland's senior member of the European Parliament David Martin MEP (who was on a tour of the North East of Scotland) in Arbroath to celebrate the new European Union (EU) status for the Arbroath smokie.

Speaking from Arbroath Mr Martin said: "The Arbroath smokie, one of Scotland's best loved foods, has now joined the ranks of some of the biggest names in food and drink throughout the EU. Arbroath smokies are now on a par with: Champagne, Roquefort cheese and Parma ham in being granted special status and protection by the EU."

Mr Martin who has been working behind the scenes to support this decision by the European Commission said: "The people of Arbroath have reason to be proud of their smokies they are considered to be one of the special delicacies of the EU".

Following the meeting Marlyn Glen said: "It was great that David could find time in his busy schedule to visit Arbroath and brief Richard and I on this significant development. Although the European Union often seems very distant to some people victories such as this really brings home to local Arbroath people the importance of the EU."

Richard Baker MSP added: "The significance of the victory for this campaign, which was supported by David Martin and many of his colleagues in the European Parliament, is that the smoked haddock will now carry the EU's distinctive 'protected-product' symbol to prevent smokies being produced anywhere else in Europe - this is a great day for Arbroath".

All well and good you might think, and many would welcome Mr Martin's "behind the scenes" support.

Given his involvement however, I would have thought he may have known that the protection for Arbroath Smokies was secured by local producers, and was achieved five years ago.

It certainly was a great day for Arbroath, at the time.


Anonymous said...

"Arbroath smokies are now on a par with: Champagne, Roquefort cheese and Parma ham in being granted special status and protection by the EU."


On a par with Champagne or Parma?

I don't think so !

If you like playing Russian Roulette with fish bones and smelling like a tin of Sardines left on a radiator for a week then enjoy. Give me Champagne and a giid cheese anyday!

Anonymous said...

I'm just glad its no longer a solo effort!

icdeadpeople said...
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Anonymous said...

what a bunch of kippers!!

Anonymous said...

I heard a rumour that Richard Baker still wets the bed