Monday, 10 November 2008


A rare motion from our old pal Sarah Boyack. Just thought I would give it the old CHC once-over, to check everything is kosher.

Congratulations to a Scottish Uni - Fairdoos

Positive Contribution - Fair Enough

Importance of Renewables - Full Marks So far

Council Tax - Pardon? Council Tax just ambushes you in this motion, and its a needless swipe at the Government. And thus, unless I'm very much mistaken, the MSP for the East Staines Massiv has her first entry in the Crap Holyrood Chat records:

S3M-02839 Sarah Boyack (Edinburgh Central) (Lab): That the Parliament
congratulates the University of Edinburgh on becoming the first Scottish educational institution to be awarded the Carbon Trust Standard; believes that the awards are a positive contribution to encourage reduction in carbon emissions; notes the current and future importance of technology such as energy efficiency measures, micro-renewables and combined heat and power systems in helping not only businesses, public authorities and educational institutions but households reduce their carbon emissions, and calls on the Scottish Government to look at all options, including local fiscal levers such as council tax, to develop better financial incentives encouraging the use of small scale and householder renewables across Scotland.

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