Monday, 4 August 2008

Flags, always flags

It's hard to believe there aren't any previous flag-related entries here. So here's a starter.

S3M-02364 Bob Doris (Glasgow) (Scottish National Party): On the Right Track with the Scottish Saltire— That the Parliament welcomes the decision of Transport Scotland to rebrand all trains in Scotland with the Scottish saltire; believes that Scotland as a brand is an essential part of our economy and, in particular, our vital tourist industry and that such a move will help promote this brand thus both promoting national self-confidence and also potentially enhancing economic growth; notes that this will help make Scots aware that their rail services are primarily paid for by the taxpayers of Scotland; further notes that the costs will be kept to a minimum as repainting will happen as already scheduled; welcomes the broad acceptance of the Scottish saltire as a symbol of the nation of Scotland and not a political symbol and therefore condemns the talking down of the Scottish saltire, in particular the comments of George Foulkes MSP who described its use as a “brainwashing tactic”, and attempts to make political capital out of our nation’s flag; believes that no person or party should fear the positive and inclusive expressions of Scottishness that Scotland’s saltire represents and that Lord Foulkes and others should spend their time promoting Scottishness as opposed to undermining it; further notes that countries across the world proudly display their national flags without opposition from their fellow countrymen and women, and looks forward to the day when an independent Scotland can do the same.

Why do flags bring out the worst in people? Unionists, Nationalists (as above), Republicans, the Welsh, Confederates, Congress and the rest

It's also particularly pleasing to see an SNP MSP say the saltire isn't a "political symbol". Riiiight. 

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Stephen Glenn said...

'It's also particularly pleasing to see an SNP MSP say the saltire isn't a "political symbol".'

Hang on he said it in a motion to the Scottish Parliament and while stating that's it not a political symbol there goes gun for leather to attack another MSP who disagrees on this point before going on to state the independence goal at the end of what appears to be the ultimate sign of

Not politcal my foot!