Saturday, 30 August 2008

George Foulkes - Wasteful PQs

To be fair, I've already posted this on my own blog but I thought this particular Holyrood Chat was so crap that it just had to be included in here aswell.

(I also fear this blog is wasting away slightly over recess but make no mistake, with the help of a multitude of authors I still hope to have it in full swing from next week....)

S3W-15851 - George Foulkes (Lothians) (Lab) (Date Lodged Thursday, August 28, 2008): To ask the Scottish Executive which race courses the First Minister has visited since May 2007 and on how many occasions.

Irrelevant to the Scottish people, now please just stop it George. Enough is enough!


goooooood girl said...

Good good good......

Mono said...

he has a face i'd love to punch

Anonymous said...

Looks like George is going to try out oral for a change (ooo-err) and ask this question:

2. George Foulkes: To ask the Scottish Executive what lead ministers are giving the public on reducing their individual carbon footprints. (S3O-4046)

Which will undoubtedly give him a supplementary rant on the use of ministerial cars.


You might want to keep your eye on the proceedings tomorrow afternoon...