Friday, 22 August 2008

He who motions first........

At 15:11 on 20th August, Pauline McNeill circulated the motion below round Parliament seeking support. Fair enough, gaining UNESCO City of Music status is an achievement, and I'm sure many MSP's would support it.

But next day at 09:40, Bob Doris circulated a motion on exactly the same subject (again, see below). Instead of MSP's falling over themselves to lodge alternative motions on exactly the same subject, saying largely the same thing, they should do the grown up thing and simply support the motion lodged first.

S3M-02410 Pauline McNeill (Glasgow Kelvin) (Lab) Glasgow - UNESCO City of Music:That the Parliament notes the announcement of Glasgow as a UNESCO City of Music; celebrates this important recognition of Glasgow’s contribution to world music from opera and classical concerts to dance halls and the vibrant contemporary music scene in addition to Glasgow’s status as a pre-eminent centre for piping, traditional, celtic and Gaelic music; notes that the city will now follow Seville and Bologna to become the third European city to meet UNESCO’s exacting criteria and join the international Creative Cities Network as a City of Music, a permanent designation that will acknowledge the city’s musical heritage and its role as a leading centre of music-making, performance and enjoyment; congratulates all those involved in winning Glasgow’s bid for world City of Music status, including the management committee of Tom Thomson, James Boyle, Professor John Wallace, June Edgar and bid director, Svend Brown; applauds the bid supporters, including BBC Scotland, Glasgow City Council, the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama, the University of Glasgow, Glasgow Caledonian University, the University of Strathclyde and the Glasgow-Edinburgh Collaboration Project, and acknowledges the commitment of the members of the Steering Committee, chaired by Baroness Ramsay of Cartvale and including Craig Armstrong, Nicola Benedetti, Alex Kapranos and the Rt Hon the Lord Provost of Glasgow, Councillor Bob Winter.

Short Title: Congratulations to Glasgow UNESCO City of Music
S3M-02412 Bob Doris (Glasgow) (SNP): That the Parliament
warmly welcomes Glasgow’s becoming only the third UNESCO City of Music in the world, an accolade shared with Bologna and Seville, and notes that, as such, Glasgow joins Edinburgh as part of UNESCO’s worldwide Creative Cities Network; congratulates all those involved in achieving this accolade, including Glasgow City Council, the Scottish Government and, most importantly, the people of Glasgow, whose passion, flare and ability are the most important factors in gaining such recognition; notes that one of the reasons behind the Creative Cities Network is the idea of creative tourism, and, as a result of Glasgow’s new status, looks forward to many more visitors being welcomed to Glasgow in the coming years to experience the many attractions the city has to offer, including its vibrant music scene.


Drew said...

It would appear Bob 'Just-Call-Me' Doris doesn't have much of a flair for spelling either.

Indygal said...

To be fair CHC, Bob Doris put his motion in at the same time as Pauline McNeil. Apparently there was only 4 minutes between them but the Chamber Desk didn't return Bob's till the next morning. So it's not a case of MSPs competing and refusing to sign each other's motions, it's just that they can't read each other's minds :-)