Thursday, 21 August 2008

Margaret Smith - Hoy Polloi

S3M-02418 Margaret Smith (Edinburgh West) (LD):
Congratulations to Chris Hoy

That the Parliament congratulates Edinburgh cyclist, Chris Hoy, on winning three gold medals at the 2008 Beijing Olympics; notes that he is the first Briton to win three gold medals at the same Olympics in 100 years; recognises that Hoy’s achievements in Olympic track cycling are exceptional; welcomes the inspiration generated as a result of this achievement; calls on the UK Government to bestow a knighthood on him, and wishes Chris the best of luck for the future and looks forward to further success in forthcoming events.

Don't get me wrong, well done to Chris on a fantastic achievement but a knighthood? Seriously? Riding a bike quickly is surely not what the Honours System is there for.

And brazenly politicising the success of an Olympic athlete makes for distinctly crap chat indeed.

Welcome to the vaults Margaret!

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Scott @ loveandgarbage said...

I take your point about using sport for political ends (and would include in that naming a stadium after him) but I think that based on the criteria established by the government previously Hoy will be entitled to a knghthood. Each Olympic medal won giving one rung on the ladde from OBE, MBE throughCBE, to KBE/DBE. That Kelly Holmes was already an MBE explained her DBE last Olympics - and Pinsent's KBE was an acknowledgement of his fourth gold. As Hoy now has 4 golds in 4 different disciplines at the Olympics - as well as being a multiple world champion and world record holder - he seems fully entitled to be the next sporting knight - and if (as has been suggested) he wins a place on the IOC athlete's council the honour would be well-deserved.