Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Alex Salmond

Yes, difficult as it is to believe, even our dear leader has let out some crap chat during his time in the Holyrood building.

Following on from Alex Johnstone's ungentlemanly comments directed towards Jackie Baillie, our First Minister managed to escape censure for this ungallant exchange with Annabel Goldie during First Minister's Questions:

Annabel Goldie (West of Scotland) (Con):
I endorse the congratulations to Scotland's rugby players on winning the Calcutta cup. I tell them to be of good heart, as every time Scotland has won the grand slam it has been under a Conservative Government. There is not long to wait, boys.

The First Minister (Alex Salmond):
I am pondering which position Annabel Goldie is lining herself up for in the Scottish rugby team.

Annabel Goldie:
That is a matter of private interest but not something that I would ever discuss with the First Minister.

Alex! My goodness man! Let's keep things civil at the very least, especially at FMQs of all places...!

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Bill said...

No doubt if dear Annabel had got on her high horse about Alex's little joke, I daresay the Presiding Officer would have been forced to censure him.

Fortunately Annabel is a more mature (no pun intended - lol) kinda gal than Ms Baillie and responded with a mildly humourous, and mildly ribald, little joke of her own.

I don't particularly care for Alex, or Annabel for that matter, but it strikes me that they are both sensible people who have the wit to think on their feet. I wish there were more little exchanges of this kind in the Chamber to enliven proceedings; we want less PC nonsense, not more. I expect Alex and Annabel would have had a laugh about it in the corridors afterwards if they happened to pass each other.