Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Kenneth Gibson

The conception for this blog came unwittingly from a post I created on my own blog after I heard about some brainless comments from a certain MSP. The brilliant Ideas of Civilisation pushed me to start the blog and that brings us present.

So, it seems appropriate that the dubious honour of the first Crap Holyrood Chat posting should go to that same MSP - Kenneth Gibson.

Kenneth Gibson: S3M-02310 Irrelevance of the Liberal Democrats

That the Parliament recognises the utter irrelevance of the Liberal Democrats; believes that they are the architects of their own increasing marginalisation by their refusal to recognise the changing landscape of Scottish politics, which has shown that minority government can work and that their status as kingmakers to the largest party is now redundant; notes the unexpected vacancy for position of Scottish Liberal Democrat leader; considers that there has been a continued decline in Liberal Democrat fortunes in opinion polls, council and by-elections across the United Kingdom, and is saddened that they are still misguided enough in considering that their party is a credible force in Scottish politics.

Raise your game please Kenny. Though I suspect you will be a regular feature on this blog!

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youngdegsy said...

Well done for highlighting this piece of rubbish, all at Scottish taxpayers' expense. Without costing any public money, here is my considered response:

"That the public recognises the utter irrelevance of Kenneth Gibson MSP; believes he is the architect of his own ridicule by his refusal to recognise the work which he has been elected to do, which has shown that the minority of people who voted for him in 2007 are hugely disappointed by his lack of work and that his status in Scottish politics is now redundant; notes the unsurprising vacancy of thought in his own head; considers that there has been a continued decline in Kenneth Gibson’s abilities since he failed to get re-elected to the Parliament in 2003, and is saddened that he is misguided enough to consider that his pointless views and ridiculous motions in the Scottish Parliament are of any interest to anyone in Scotland except his stupid self."