Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Robert Brown

It looks like we're well underway now.

Given that Holyrood is in recess until September this site might be slow going at first. However that just gives us time to look back at some of the less worthy motions and comments which been made in Parliament.

Jeff kicked it off with comments from SNP MSP Kenny Gibson. It therefore only seems fair, by way of balance, to follow this with a response from Liberal Democrat MSP Robert Brown to another Kenny Gibson motion.

S3M-2296.1 Robert Brown: Glasgow East By-Election

As an amendment to motion (S3M-2296) in the name of Kenneth Gibson, leave out from "believes that Labour’s" to end and insert "notes, however, the SNP’s poor electoral record in Westminster elections and that the Liberal Democrats are the challengers to Labour in Scotland at that level, with 12 seats to the SNP’s six and with the most recent by-election gain in Scotland being by the Liberal Democrats at Dunfermline and West Fife; further notes that the SNP is in any event largely irrelevant in Westminster elections, with one of their most senior MPs hardly ever in attendance, and believes that the electorate in Glasgow East is more than capable of identifying both the failures of the Labour Government at Westminster and the many u-turns and broken promises that are the hallmark of the SNP government, including those on class sizes, police numbers, student debt, first-time buyer grants and slashed support for Glasgow Science Centre."

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