Tuesday, 22 July 2008

George Foulkes - Serial offender

Let's be honest, an entry from George Foulkes was always on the cards....

Scottish Parliament written answers — First Minister: First Minister (18 Jun 2008)
George Foulkes: To ask the Scottish Executive when it expects the First Minister to take his first journey by train since his appointment.

This is perhaps the most pointless and (clearly) partisan question that I saw George Foulkes had asked of the 30 questions that I looked through from the good Lord.

And over what timescale have these 30 entries amassed? An elected MSP would have that many questions for the Government over what, a year? 6 months? Maybe even 3 months?

No, 11 days.

George Foulkes asked 30 questions of the Scottish Government between 16th June 2008 and 27th June 2008. And that was just the random part of the year that I landed on so is probably not even a special case.

I'm surprised the Scottish Government manages to get anything else done!

Crap chat m'Lord, get your manor in order...


Anonymous said...

Here's a challenge to whoever you are, find me a politician more intrinsically negative than Fatty Foulkes the cop fighter.

Alison said...

You don't think it's of interest to the tax paying public that Alex Salmond has never once used public transport since his election as First Minister - at least according to another PQ of George Foulkes...

Jeff said...

Well, not really Allison no.

For decades the UK has seen Health ministers that don't use the NHS, Education ministers that send their kids to private schools and transport ministers that don't use buses/trains.

As long as the policies that our political leaders are pushing for are sensible and effective, what does it matter?

I hope I'm right in assessing this question from George as petty, partisan and a waste of time, particularly given my moniker as an SNP fan. But if I've got it wrong then I'll try and play fairer next time.

Infact, I'll pick another Kenny Gibson cracker, that should even things up!