Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Pringle Weavers motion

What do you want to see from a local elected representative when a famous brand of weavers announce that they are moving their factory from your constituency?
Why, you do your utmost to keep the firm there.

Well, that should be the case, apparently not when you are Christine Grahame though, instead, she puts down a motion demanding that Pringle Weavers desist from using the Lion Rampant emblem.

At times, you couldn’t make it up.

S3M-02304 Christine Grahame (South of Scotland) (Scottish National Party): Pringle of Scotland No More— That the Parliament notes with regret the recent decision by Pringle of Scotland to end production of its manufacturing operations in Hawick, bringing to an end almost 200 years of production in Scotland; notes further that Pringle relies heavily on the “Scottish brand” to market its products and considers that it should desist from using the Lion Rampant emblem and any reference to Scotland in its marketing which, in the circumstances, is entirely misleading, and further urges the Scottish Government to explore all legal avenues to prevent the use of these Scottish references should the company fail to do so voluntarily.


Anonymous said...

I think you're quite wrong on this one. The only reason I knew anything at all about what Pringle was doing was reading about this motion in the paper.

You may not like it, and I bet many MSPs don't either, but they might have to play the media's game in order to get publicity for the real point they want to get across.

You've plenty of easy targets ahead of you. I just hope you'll be a bit more discerning.

Crap Holyrood Chat said...

I think you're quite wrong on this one.