Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Rumbles the abstainer attacks abstaining

In his platform piece in yesterday’s Scotsman ‘change rather than continuity is the way ahead for Lib Dems’ Mike Rumbles attacked the stance that the Lib Dems took in the budget debate (as well in the majority of debates on various issues) in abstaining in the final vote.

I guess Mr Rumbles is just putting across his firebrand credentials whilst trying to convince Lib Dem voters that if they want a change then he is their man. It is interesting to note, however, that when it came down to voting in the Budget instead of following the lead of Cathie Craigie in voting against the budget, Mr Rumbles meekly abstained in the vote.

Words are all fine and well Mr Rumbles but we’ve seen very little in the way of actual action to back them up.


Stephen Glenn said...

Fair does though not since Lloyd George has disagreement with a budget actually led to a vote against the correct ettiquette on Finance Bills since then as been either vote for or abstain.

Of course we could go down the American route an potential have public runs out of funds for minority administrations until they compromise heavily. Blackmail versus abstnetion on those tough call.

Anonymous said...

You comment would benefit from commas Stephen.

Jeff said...

Oh dear, if there's any advert for more effort into teaching kids spelling and punctuation then it's the above two comments.

Stephen, I fear you missed the point of the post somewhat.