Monday, 21 July 2008

Back on track - John Lamont

As anyone who has read Lord of the Flies or Animal Farm (or been a member of a Scottish Socialist party) will know, to be part of a collective is no easy task. Eventually, the subtle differences in the aims of those who are involved diverge, some feel they are more equal than others and the project inevitably becomes pulled apart at the seams.

Well, thanks to the many authors of this blog and the recent posts that have strayed dramatically from the original mission statement, the mighty Crap Holyrood Chat blog has seen its numbers plummet and has skated narrowly close to the plight of ruin and ridicule.
So, I have metaphorically grabbed the conch and am getting things back on track, 'pruning' posts that I feel were not part of the CHC remit and reinforcing the raison d'etre of what this blog is about:
Per CHC Mission Statement: The time is therefore right to publicly humiliate any MSP who brings "crap chat" to the chamber. We need these people to feel the fire of the electorate beneath their feet and if they can't bring the quality and the professionalism to the job, then they shall be turfed out at the next election in favour of an eloquent, capable woman or man who can do the job instead.

No more the tawdry suggestions of sex stories, no more the partisan cat-calling of who was campaigning where in Glasgow East and, dear God, no more the inane tale of the Holyrood Mars Bar cake.

Instead, dear reader(s), I give you Voytek the Bear.

S3M-1262 John Lamont: Voytek the Bear—That the Parliament endorses the campaign to give proper recognition to Voytek the "Soldier Bear", who served in the Polish army during the Second World War and was billeted near Hutton in Berwickshire before retiring to Edinburgh Zoo; recognises the affection with which he was held by his comrades, and urges MSPs to support efforts to secure a permanent memorial to an unlikely war hero.

Let there be no mistake, I don't care how cute or brave this bear might have been, this is solid gold Crap Holyrood Chat.

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