Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Stuart McMillan

I have to admit, I have something of a soft spot for this motion. I think it's got a bit of wit and intelligence behind it. But still, such blatant use of motions to champion the cause of independence can not go unchecked.

So, somewhat grudgingly, Stuart McMillan has his first entry in the Crap Holyrood Chat vaults.

S3M-02168 Stuart McMillan (West of Scotland) (Scottish National Party): Parliament Celebrates Independence...Day
That the Parliament welcomes the decision by Sodexho to celebrate independence by producing a menu in the Parliament for American Independence Day on 4 July; notes that the occasion is marked in the United States with a national holiday; hopes when Scotland becomes independent that similar celebrations and festivities will take place on an annual basis, and also notes that this year America celebrates 232 years of independence.

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