Friday, 11 July 2008

Had enough crap?

One of the Labour researchers has. And who can blame him, given the scale of said crap? Having said that, I'm not sure why it's the government's fault when their backbenchers submit crap.

In any case, he emailed everyone (and I do mean everyone) as follows:

Dear reader

These motions are part of public record. The frequency which these types of motions appear are an abuse of parliamentary privilege. It reduces the business bulletin to the "letters page" as submitted by Belligerent (of Beith).

Perhaps there should be a motion put forward on bringing the parliament into disrepute. Perhaps the guidance on how to prepare motions should be updated.

It is disappointing that an administration of any political colour should allow this to continue. The people of Scotland expect better!

Disappointed (of Dundee)

Kenneth Gibson: S3M-02310 Irrelevance of the Liberal Democrats
That the Parliament recognises the utter irrelevance of the Liberal Democrats; believes that they are the architects of their own increasing marginalisation by their refusal to recognise the changing landscape of Scottish politics, which has shown that minority government can work and that their status as kingmakers to the largest party is now redundant; notes the unexpected vacancy for position of Scottish Liberal Democrat leader; considers that there has been a continued decline in Liberal Democrat fortunes in opinion polls, council and by-elections across the United Kingdom, and is saddened that they are still misguided enough in considering that their party is a credible force in Scottish politics.


Grogipher said...

It's interesting to note that the selfsame party staffer who spammed our mailboxes with such drivel, was indeed a chief culprit of Crap Dundee City Council Chat when he was but a fledgling Community Worker (or Officer, I forget) in my area.

Does he have nothing better to do with his time than to moan about others having nothing better to do with their time?

Questioning, of Dundee

Anonymous said...

You would think the respective group whips could do something to stop these bollocks motions. When I see them coming in on the email, I find them very tiring, to the point that I don't read motions unless from our group.

I do like the blog though, plenty on material available to put on it....

Frustrated of Leith