Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Kenny Gibson is likely to get a kick-in on this blog

Dear oh dear…

S3M-02288 Kenneth Gibson (Cunninghame North) (Scottish National Party): Humiliation in Henley— That the Parliament understands that Labour came fifth in the Henley by-election; considers that this catastrophic result for the Prime Minister on the eve of his first anniversary in power is a clear signal that he has lost any confidence that the public may once have had in him and the UK Labour government; is aware that Labour’s moral authority to govern is diminishing by the day with even the pro-Labour media, party apparatchiks and nomenklatura losing faith; contrasts the dynamic, visionary “can do” attitude of Scotland’s minority SNP government in Edinburgh with the stagnation, dithering and ineptitude of Labour at Westminster; wishes to see former First Minister, Rt hon Jack McConnell, appointed High Commissioner to Malawi as soon as possible, in order for him to work for the betterment of that country, while allowing a by-election in Scotland that will allow for the election of an SNP MSP who will work for the benefit of ours.

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