Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Lib Demery

Your friends at Crap Holyrood chat have, mainly due to the boredom and monotony associated with recess, taken an interest in the Lib Dem leadership. Far from us to dismiss it as nothing more than the fourth party of Scottish Politics choosing someone else to lead them into electoral oblivion, instead I think a wee look at the runners and riders would be far more entertaining (ahem)

Ross Finnie.

The Captain Mainwaring of Scottish Politics (aesthetically anyway) was the second man to throw his hat into that ring. I’d love to list the many great things that he has done, instead I’ll leave Jim Tolson MSP, on Ross Finnie's Facebook group, to explain why all Lib Dems should vote for Finnie… Here goes:


Since being elected to the Scottish Parliament in May 2007 I have worked closely with all candidates.

Having spoken to each candidate at length each has their own distinct qualities but in my opinion Ross Finnie is the best Candidate of all three for the Job because;

-Ross has the greatest ministerial experience and was the most respected and longest serving minister of all the candidates.

-Ross is a tactful and thoughtful politician that has worked hard to enhance the reputation of the Scottish Liberal Democrat Party.

-Ross engages with fellow MSPs and staff alike.

-Ross displays great leadership qualities- giving direction and always providing support when needed.

-Ross cares passionately about people and politics, knowing that neither is mutually exclusive.

-Ross is a very well schooled and knowledgeable politician which he has shown in his ministerial and shadow cabinet duties.

Vote Ross Finnie for Leader!

Jim Tolson MSP

Thoroughly lovely Jim. Frankly a bit on the gushing side and makes you sound a bit like someone that wets the bed but yeah, lovely none the less.

Mike ‘Rumble in the Jungle’ Rumbles

The man that inspired Ant and Dec to write ‘Let’s get ready to Rumble’ not long after one of them was blinded in a harrowing paint ball incident in Byker Grove, was the first to announce that he fancied the gig of being Lib Dem leader. Mikey also appears to have not only one Facebook group dedicated to his dream of being leader, he has two! Saying that, one seems in jest. Also, a look through the members of the group makes for interesting reading, not quite as interesting as the list for those who haven’t yet replied including Chris Huhne, Nick Clegg and Ming Campbell – so it seems that Grumbles doesn’t have the backing of the high heidiens of the party…well…not on Facebook anyway.

And finally….

Tavish Scott

Seems the front runner at present. Don’t have that much to say about him other than he likes dressing up as a Viking. Fair play to him. Also, he apparently has the backing of 6 MSPs at the moment, clearly favourite to win it then and I've now stopped caring.

Anyone have any thoughts? Anyone care?


youngdegsy said...

If you're rating them all by their Facebook groups, then it's fair to point out that at the time of writing Tavish has 44 supporters, Ross has 13 and Mike Rumbles has 9. Whether this is indicative of the party membership as a whole or not I don't know, but it might be indicative of the levels of support among party members who use Facebook. (Rumbles's other group is seems to consist entirely of non-Lib Dems, one of whom works (or certainly used to work) for the Greens).

Anonymous said...

Personally I would vote against someone who was popular on facebook - is there a more tragic indictment of modern society and the death of genuine social interaction than the desperate collection of facebook 'friends'?

youngdegsy said...

Well, you can take that attitude if you like, although I happen to disagree with your premise. However, I have to point out that I wasn't referring to "friends" at all, I was referring to those who have joined groups devoted to supporting the candidates in the leadership campaign. These groups are (or could be) used to organise campaigning activity and disseminate messages to supporters. For example, I'm a "friend" of Ross Finnie, but I'm supporting Tavish (and am a member of his supporters group).

Anonymous said...

The name of the good captain in Dad's Army is spelt Mainwaring :)

Must say I agree with anon 0753 about Facebook!