Thursday, 10 July 2008

The Mystery of the Missing Mars Bar Cake

The culinary delights of the Parliament canteen are a well kept secret. Delicacies such as boiled courgettes, watermelon mayonnaise or beetroot coleslaw memorable only for their aftertaste... However the Parliament does do a fine line in MarsBar cake.

- That's right a tray bake of rice crispies combined with 17 melted mars bars topped with melted mars bar. It's a treat. And a heart-attack.

However, its absence has been mourned by a number of researchers for many weeks now. Crap Holyrood Chat decided to investigate and Parliamentary authorities inform us that the MarsBar Cake has been deliberately removed due to the canteen recently being awarded a prestigious Healthy Living Award.



Jeff said...

Um, that's really unfortunate. I mean, trust me, a Mars Bar Cake would go down a treat right now.

But I'm not entirely sure you've cottoned on to the raison d'etre of Crap Holyrood Chat.

That was raison, not raisin, don't go dreaming about cakes now....

Tom said...

Fear not. The Mars Bar cake is back. In fact, there's a huge uneaten mound of it in Costa right now.